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What is TripLogik Map ?
TripLogik Map is a mapping server that allows the Manager2 software to geocode the data collected by the TL1000 instrument. 
Geocoding is the process of identifying departure and arrival points and then calculating and plotting routes.
It also allows to display trips on a map.

TripLogik does not change a monthly service fee. However, each instrument must have a TripLogik Map server membership.
Memberships are by instrument, on an annual basis and includes assistance service.


Why do we have to pay for a TripLogik Map membership ?

Since January 2019, Google’s mapping service is no longer free. To avoid unknown monthly fees to users,
TripLogik has developed a new PC software and mapping server technology that does not use Google Map.
It is based on the same sources as Google. 
Read more about TripLogik Map here 

Is there any other expenses?

No, your annual Triplogik Map membership gives your instrument unlimited access to the mapping server.
and include tech support. 

Are my personal information safe?

TripLogik does not store any of your personal data. Information about your trips, places, dates are all stored on your computer.
Communication between your PC and the Triplogik Map is
authorized per your account but all data is anonymous.
We do not know or store any of the requests. Your privacy is under your control. 

Why is your service not completely online ?

Because TripLogik has always been at the forefront of the personal information safety.
The information inside your instrument is encrypted with your own instrument password, therefore no one can eavesdrop while you are away or if it is stolen or lost.

Any information , from the instrument or between the Map server and you is transferred to your PC only
Data reside inside an encrypted SQL database. This file cannot be used by anyone else.

Any query made to the TripLogik Map server exists for the time of the request and no record is kept.
TripLogik does not keep, market or share any information about your location, addresses or trips.
We believe you deserve 100% of your privacy

How to pay my membership ? 

Click here to read the guide on how to pay for my membership


TRIPLOGIK MAP MEMBERSHIP 1 YEAR     including support                          Total for 1 year  $23.95 +tax

TRIPLOGIK MAP MEMBERSHIP 2 YEARS   including support                          Total for 2 years $44.55 +tax

TRIPLOGIK MAP MEMBERSHIP 3 YEARS   including support                      Total for 3 years $63.23 +tax

TripLogik membership includes:

Mapping for the selected periode. 
Tech Support via web Help deak ticket and callback   

Value = $22.27 / year 

Best Value = $21.00 / year 

7% rebate 

* Plus Taxes

12% rebate 

Rebates and fleet

Small company with 10 to 24 instrument 
If you own more than 10 instruments, please contact TripLogik for customized small company pricing .
Prices are only available for 10 or more instruments under one account.

Large enterprises and fleet of more than 25 instruments
If you own more than 25 instruments, please contact TripLogik for customized corporate pricing .
Enterprise prices are only available for 25 or more instruments under one account.

Please note, user groups are not are not eligible for small company or enterprise pricing.


What is Tech Support 
* Technical Support does not include training on operation found in manuals and video.
It does not include troubleshooting your computer or installation or configuration of other software or drivers such as those of a printer. 

If you require personalised training, please contact our sales team as TripLogik offers training session packages for single or multiple users.
Support provided per instrument 
** Please note that the support is relative to the instrument serial number and not the user. 

***Prices shown do not include sales taxes. Total invoice will include GST and PST.
Credit card processing is done by Global Payment or PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card on Paypal.
If you use Master Card, make sure that your billing address is the same as on your card statement, otherwise PayPal will refuse the transaction.

There is no partial or total refund on TripLogik Map subscriptions.  Once the instrument is registered, and the initial synchronization is completed
(with or without data) this concludes that the service has been used at least once. 
In the event the instrument becomes unusable, the customer may, at their option, have the instrument repaired or can buy a replacement in order to keep using the rest of their subscription. Under no circumstances can TripLogik Map subscriptions be paused.
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